Incredibly light, fast and stiff!

If aerodynamic efficiency and speed are what you seek, then a pair of Blueprint wheels is your quickest way into the lead pack. 

Stealth, incredibly light, stiff and cross wind stable;  you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more responsive wheel at twice the price.   



Take road and triathlon racing to an entirely new level.

The first things you’ll notice about these wheels are their weight, and the immediate efficiency advantage you gain when you mount them. You no longer get bogged down when accelerating or climbing, and you’ll spend far less energy maintaining pace at any speed.

Standard wheel sets that come installed on store-bought carbon and aluminum bikes weigh 2,000+ grams, are weak in construction, and aerodynamically poor. Blueprint wheels are very reliable and immediately eliminate at least 25% of your “rotational mass” over traditional sets. More speed... less effort.

Then there's aerodynamics. The wider 25mm width profile carves a seamless air path from the moment it hits your wheel, to guidance around it. The curved 3D profile translates into improved stability in crosswinds, and allows you to slice through tight corners with precision. We mount all Blueprint wheel sets with 25c tires, to further lower rolling resistance while increasing shock absorption.

Why spend more than you need to for pricier wheels from other brands? SPCARBON’s new lineup is high quality, race-proven, and actually builds riding confidence the further you push its boundaries.