When It Just Needs To Be Custom

Going fast should only be limited by your imagination, not what's on the shelf.

Creating your own custom bicycle is often the realization of a dream.  We want that moment and the process that follows to be perfectly aligned with your vision and intuitively matched to your preferences.  Our talented team of designers and unique customization process encourages your imagination to run free and allows SPCARBON to create a bicycle that is truly yours in every sense. 

SPCARBON is Inspired - Inspired By You

Your bicycle is a statement of your individuality. You're here because you're not satisfied with riding the same bike as everyone else. Nothing is more painful than buying a brand new expensive bike, going on your group ride, and seeing three other bicycles just like yours on the road.

My bike stands out from everything else on the road. You won’t spot 15 other SPCARBON bikes within a 1-hour ride; and that’s precisely the way I want it to stay.
— Kyle S.
SPCARBON is a powerhouse for building luxury bicycles, and thanks to its collaborative mind, the ways to work together are limitless. I cannot wait for the awesome collabs that are yet to come!
— Simone G.

Our process begins with a consultation. We'll learn about your needs, wants, riding style, goals, budget, and personal aesthetic. From there we devise a road bike, cross bike, hybrid, mountain, or triathlon bicycle with the ideal components for your desired riding style. 

The sky is the limit...

A custom SPCARBON embodies the values that mean the most to you, seeking inspiration from your life to create a bicycle unlike any other. We can take the essence of your favourite object and translate it into a rolling masterpiece. Cherished colours, textures, materials, places and even memories - all have served as a starting point for design.

We believe bicycles are about form, function, and definitely an element of fashion. When the frame, components, accessories, and colorway comes together, what results its something special. That's the magic of the SPCARBON experience.

What will inspire your next bicycle? 


Hand Built in New York City.

Each custom SPCARBON bicycle is hand built to order.  An individual technician works on one bike from start to finsh.   No assembly line here.  This is important as it virtually eliminates missed steps or issues down the road.    We focus one hundred percent of efforts in this part of the process, on inital build quality and we work hard to make sure every bike is perfect blueprint for assembly insuring fit, finish and safety. 


The final step is just as tailored to you as the first.

SPCARBON offers four delivery services for you to chose from.  Just like every other part of our process, this final step has been refined through years of customer feedback.

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