New Bicycle Delivery Options

SPCARBON offers four ways for you to receive your new bike once the build is finished.  By far the most popular is to pick up the bike in New York at the showroom.  The next best option is to have your bike professionally packed and shipped with UPS.  The most exclusive option is to have SPCARBON deliver the bike to the client personally.

My bike stands out from everything else on the road. You won’t spot 15 other SPCARBON bikes within a 1-hour ride; and that’s precisely the way I want it to stay.
— Kyle S.
SPCARBON is a powerhouse for building luxury bicycles, and thanks to its collaborative mind, the ways to work together are limitless!
— Simone G.

Hand Built in New York City.

Each custom SPCARBON bicycle is hand built to order.  A single technician works on each bike from start to finish.   No assembly line here.  This is important as it virtually eliminates missed steps or issues down the road.    We focus 100% of our efforts in this part of the process.  Initial build quality is the key.   SPCARBON has a 32 point inspection which is completed as the bike is being assembled.  We work hard to make sure every bike is perfect, also ensuring fit, finish and rider safety in the process.    Each SPCARBON comes with a no hassle 12 month service plan and 2 year frameset warranty.  

We also offer a damage replacement coverage for the first owner so you can sleep well at night.