SPCARBON Riders meet for the weekly Central Park Club Ride, Mondays at 6:45pm

SPCARBON Riders meet for the weekly Central Park Club Ride, Mondays at 6:45pm


What makes us better?   

With SPCARBON, you get real people, with a passion for cycling helping you from start to finish.  Most of the clients we work with are looking to race Triathlon or do their first Gran Fondo cycling event. These sports require very specific bikes.

SPCARBON works directly with you.  If you have targeted fitness goals in mind or are preparing for a particular cycling event, picking the correct bike is super important.  The right type of bike will give you a huge performance advantage against your competitors.  

In a typical bike shop, they sell whatever is on the floor. At SPCARBON the process is unique. We build each bike, from start to finish, for each individual client. This means you get the right bike, designed to match your personal cycling goals.


SPCARBON is committed to fostering a world-class riding experience for each of our clients. This begins with building the highest quality products and always being on the cutting edge of innovation. We support all clients, young and old, pushing them towards achieving their goals.  SPCARBON is there every step of the way; from a newbie getting their new bike, to learning how to ride, all the way up to their first race and beyond to the seasoned professional.

We even offer free training rides to teach you the not so basics of cycling.  Learn from the experts in a fun and safe environment around Central Park.  You learn faster and have more fun with like minded people. Above all, we have a passion for cycling that we want to share with you.

When you buy your new SPCARBON, we'll also give you a club jersey for free. We want you to be a part of something that is special, growing, and highly motivational. It's the perfect way to increase your fitness while meeting new people.

Please reach out and start your fitness journey today with SPCARBON Bicycles  


At SPCARBON we strive for constant innovation.  By recognizing the value of our high caliber client network, 100% of our efforts go into leveraging relationships and growing our referral business.  We are accomplishing big things with limited resources and our clients make this possible.

 Golden Rule:  Focusing on exceeding client expectations, and delivering quality products are what make us successful.

Team Objectives

  • Grow the SPCARBON community of riders and racers 
  • Each employee must have a direct effect on improving the business.
  • Make it easy for a client to do business with SPCARBON.
  • Protect the bottom line.  Do not waste money or time.
  • Solve issues quickly and help clients to keep riding, which is what they really want.