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SPCARBON How it all started.

A man, a dream and some carbon machines... Read on, its a good story.   I've always loved bicycles.   Anything on two wheels.  I had raced all through my teens and early 20's.  Having been good enough for a trip to the UCI World Championships in 1992, I understood what a bicycle needed to do.  

Life took me down the path of banking and I took a break from riding at a competitive level to start my career.I grew tired of Wall Street in 2009.  I wanted to leave the banking world forever.  It was soul crushing and boring.  

My escape started with a bicycle.  We would sneak out of the office early -- early to us was 7pm --  to ride the West Side Highway bike trail in Manhattan, blowing off steam and feeling better the more we rode.   Our bikes were heavy and slow.  Our smiles were priceless!

On a evening ride, my friend Jim suggested that we make our own bikes out of carbon fiber, hoping to ride faster and further with less effort.   We jotted ideas down on a napkin for the perfect bike.  Lightweight, Comfortable, Efficient with amazing speed.   The idea for SPCARBON Bicycles was born.   The values we originally defined are still at our core today.

It has not been an easy journey.  We moved the company from Manhattan to Brooklyn in 2013 for more space.  Brooklyn was different than what we expected and it took tremendous energy to make it back to Manhattan.   In November of 2015, we found our current home in the Financial District.  It works really well.  The hustle & bustle of the city inspires us, and everyone appreciates how easy it is to reach us in the city.

Fast forward to the present and you see just how far a small spark of inspiration can take you.   We have grown steadily into a bespoke bicycle builder, working hard to become a world class brand.  As a company of passionate cyclists, we are doing this on the strength of our relationships and our loyal customers. We like to say that we are big enough to serve you, while still being small enough to know your name.

We focus our energy at SPCARBON on working with athletes and competitive people like ourselves.  Athletes prove our bicycles in the real world and give us the exposure we need to grow. It’s a circle of life that drives all aspects of the business at SPCARBON Bicycles.  We compete and everyone wins.

As we move into the 2017 season, our plans are bigger and brighter with involvement in the New York City Triathlon, Gran Fondo New York, Bike MS Society, Bike New York, New York Cycle Club and international events like Bici Expo & GFNY Cozumel in Mexico. 

I look forward to meeting you in person at one of the many events we will be at this year.

Shawn Powell


SPCARBON Bicycles New York City

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