Comprehensive Racer Tune-Up

Comprehensive Racer Tune-Up

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Our comprehensive tune up will prepare your bike for fast group riding & racing.   We perform a 32 point check of major components in four main areas: Steering, Braking, Shifting and Wheels/Tires.  

We adjust only what needs to be adjusted and we replace brake or shift cables only as needed.   Each bike is unique and requires different tuning.   Ideal for your first tune up of the season or if wear items like cables or brake pads need to be replaced. 

Included in your tune up:

  • 32 Point Inspection
  • Bearings cleaned and adjusted as needed
  • Chain stretch test
  • Front/Rear Gear alignment
  • Brake Toe-in adjustment
  • Front and Rear wheels trued/Spoke tension checked
  • Di2 Electronic Shift check/E-Tube Updates installed


We adjust only what needs to be adjusted and we replace brake pad, cables and shift cables only as needed.   We do not blindly change parts or make changes at random.   Each bike is tuned like it is our own, with emphasis on maximum performance and safety.    

Racer Discounts:

As part of our commitment to cycling, our Comprehensive Racer Tune-Up is offered at a discount for members of local cycling clubs and CRCA race teams.

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