"Manhattan's only true hand tuning for high performance & race skis."

The rare time you don't need edges... Jackson Hole WY.

The rare time you don't need edges... Jackson Hole WY.

Manhattan Ski Tune Ups / Ski Waxing / Snowboard tune ups

Why use SPCARBON for your Ski tuning? 

  • You get a professional hand tune, not a high school student with a grinder on your beautiful skis  
  • We treat each pair like our own, and are current on techniques, all the way up to 2018 models of skis
  • We go easy on the edges, removing the least amount of material possible
  • We use tools from Austria & Switzerland. Our wax is Flurocarbon, expensive and you will feel the difference  
  • Drop off your skis at our lower Manhattan ski shop.  Pick up 24h later.  Pickup/Delivery service available for an extra fee    

SPCARBON Ski Tuning Rates

Hand Tune:  $60.00    Full hand tune, base prep, edges sharpened to factory setting and hot wax. Bases scraped and textured. 

Hot Wax:       $35.00    Base prep, hot wax with high quality Flurocarbon wax.  Bases scraped and textured.

Race Ski Tuning Rates

Masters Race Prep:  $125.00  Customized hand tune for advanced skiing/racing including:

  • Excess side wall removal and smoothing (prevents skis hooking, tips crossing, promotes faster carving)
  • Hand edging -1 to -3 side edge bevel, with ceramic disc polish edges
  • Base bevel -0.5, -0.7, -1.0
  • Ceramic deburring/light de-tuning of tips/tails
  • Bases cleaned and wax removed
  • Choice of racing waxes, bases structured, scrap/brush/polish or wax left on for race day scraping
and when edges are everything.  GO Ted!

and when edges are everything.  GO Ted!

Binding Services

We are not a full service shop, however limited binding and adjustment services are available.  Email us with your request. 

Ski mounting - drill and mount with D.I.N release test  $100.00

Ski boot adjusted to bindings with D.I.N release test    $40.00

ski binding.jpg


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