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 SPCARBON Bicycles.  We have a passion for cycling.

Hand built super bikes from New York City since 2009.  Highly specialized Triathlon, Road and Gran Fondo bicycles made of super lightweight carbon fiber.  We build bikes for riders like you.  Every bike we make is custom in some way.  More on our story...

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Anyone can do their first triathlon. Going beyond just finishing, into the competitive side of things is extremely challenging. The bike portion is often overlooked and is actually the longest segment of the race. Many triathletes try to just wing it on the bike and this is clearly a mistake. The hardest part of a triathlon; running, comes after the bike. It's critical to hit the final transition fueled, relaxed, and ready to run hard.

A properly prepared triathlon bike makes all the difference. Having special storage for food & water means you save time without stopping. Being super aerodynamic keeps you comfortable & extra fast. Some of our clients have seen savings of over 30 minutes in an olympic distance race.

This is an advantage you can really feel.

Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo racing has taken over. Ride 60, 75 or even 100 miles. The challenge is real and most courses have thousands of feet of climbing. The format for Gran Fondo racing is to have specific climbs timed during the race. The fastest time wins.

Gran Fondo bikes have become highly specialized and are set up in a way that makes getting up hills easier and faster. SPCARBON makes bikes that win races. Its part of the competitive DNA at SPCARBON. We will help you to get faster and to have more fun at your next Gran Fondo.

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Get a Podium Hat and Club Jersey Free with any new SPCARBON bicycle! 

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