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Since 2009, Shawn Powell has designed and assembled thousands of highly customized Triathlon and road bikes. Shawn and his team work closely with racing groups, organizations and individual athletes. All SPCARBON bikes are hand-assembled in the heart of New York City.

SPCARBON bicycles are designed with ultra modern carbon technology. New innovations like wireless shifting and carbon wheels, keep you comfortable, safe and super fast. We are famous for our beautiful paint-work, attention to detail and flawless shifting.

Unlike other brands that just sell bikes, we have a comprehensive plan. We’ll help you order your bike, recommend the best upgrades and accessories, and include free training rides in Central Park. Its a higher level of personal support, that others just can’t match.

“For my team and I, our primary goal is to help you reach your highest potential.” S.P.



If you want to go beyond just finishing, into the competitive side of Ironman, you've come to the right place. We take speed very seriously.

Riding our most aerodynamic bike will keep you more comfortable & extra fast. Clients have experienced time savings of 45 minutes+ in 70.3 distance and much more in full Ironman races.

The final leg of triathlon; running, comes up quickly. Coming off the bike sooner, you'll be fresher, fueled better and ready to run harder. This is an advantage you can really feel.



Gran Fondos are a new form of racing combined with adventure travel. Expect thousands of feet of climbing and descending.

Most events are long, self supported and your bike needs to be relaible. Expect distances of 60 to 100 miles. Typically only the climbs are timed, requiring maximum effort from you and your bike.

SPCARBON makes the Point 7 Gran Fondo bike to win races. The Point 7 is super light, compact and designed for easy packing/unpacking while traveling to events.

SPCARBON 2019 Mirage Aero Road Bike New York City Custom Bicycles


Custom bikes are a big part of SPCARBON's claim to fame. We work directly with you to pick colors, gearing, wheels and accessories.

We also provide white label solutions for other bike companies and can make bikes for your company, with matching branding 7 details.

Its part of the magic process here. The sky really is the limit.


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