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(Pronounced S-P-Carbon) is a team of dedicated cyclists, with years of professional experience building and racing bicycles. Our company heritage is forged in the fires of competition.

We are big enough to serve you, but still small enough to know your name. Its about passion for cycling.

SPCARBON bicycles are specifically designed to give riders a huge performance advantage against competitors. There is a big difference. Test ride one and you will see right away. 


SPCARBON is committed to a world-class riding experience for all of its clients. This begins with a near obsession like focus of staying at the forefront of cycling innovation.


Our goal is to build the best bikes in the world at any price. By recognizing the value of our clients, 100% of our efforts go into creating lifelong relationships.  We accomplish big things and our world wide customer base, makes this possible.

We offer free weekly training rides to teach you the basics of cycling and Triathlon.  Learn from an expert in a fun and safe environment around Central Park.  You learn faster and have more fun with like minded people. Above all, we have a passion for cycling that is truly contagious.


The driving force behind SPCARBON is a far reaching goal to end obesity. Daily fitness and proper nutrition are proven ways to help in solving this global disaster. We donate as much as we can to causes and organizations which fight this ever present issue.

When you purchase a new bicycle from SPCARBON, you become a part of something special.   You join a community of people that ride together to improve the world. Cycling is proven to reduce obesity and health related issues at a faster rate then any other form of exercise. As part of a balanced lifestyle, huge change can be effected in an easy and positive way.

SPCARBON offers free group rides on a weekly basis to ensure the highest and best use of our products. We also include a high quality cycling jersey, from Castelli and a podium hat with every bike purchase.

Thank you for joining us, see you on the open road.

Shawn Powell


SPCARBON Bicycles, New York