SPCARBON Staff out for a ride in Prospect Park.  Teamwork makes the magic happen.

SPCARBON Staff out for a ride in Prospect Park.  Teamwork makes the magic happen.


What makes us better?   

At SPCARBON, you get real cyclists, with years of professional experience and a passion for cycling helping you to create the perfect bike.

A dedicated representative works directly with you.  We know that the right bike will give you a huge performance advantage against your competitors.  At SPCARBON the process is unique. Your new bike is built from the start to enhance your personal cycling goals.


SPCARBON is committed to a world-class riding experience for all of our clients. This begins with the highest quality products and staying at the cutting edge of innovation.  We value saving our clients time and money.

Our highest priority is to keep you riding, which is what you really want anyway, right?

We offer free weekly training rides to teach you the basics of cycling and Triathlon.  Learn from an expert in a fun and safe environment around Central Park.  You learn faster and have more fun with like minded people. Above all, we have a passion for cycling that is truly contagious.

When you get your new bike, we'll also give you an SPCARBON riding jersey, designed exclusively by Castelli and a cool neon podium hat for free.  Become a part of something special.   Cycling in the United States is growing.  It's the perfect way to improve your fitness, blow off some steam all while meeting new people. Cycling is awesome. 

Reach out and start your fitness journey today with SPCARBON Bicycles  


At SPCARBON we strive for constant innovation.  By recognizing the value of our clients, 100% of our efforts go into making amazing bicycles and creating lifelong relationships.  We accomplish big things with limited resources and our clients make this possible.

 Golden Rule:  Exceeding client expectations and delivering quality service is what made us successful.

Team Objectives

  • Grow the cycling community of riders and racers and get more people riding
  • SPCARBON employees strive to improve the lives of our clients
  • Make it easy for all people to use our products. 
  • We are a community of cyclists.