SPCARBON was started when two people wanted to make products out of space age carbon fiber materials. Believe or not, we almost started making boats in the 79th Street Boat Basin. Riding to the harbor, the idea was born for making bicycles.

One of the friends was a former bike racer, the other a casual rider. Hence the now famous goal of “Comfort and Efficiency.” We love riding and everything about bicycles. Its really about passion for cycling.

The journey has taken us around the world, creating partnerships and testing our products in races. We feel like we are just getting started, after more than 10 years in the cycling industry.

Our team consists of over 25 riders, led by Shawn Powell in New York City.


  • SPCARBON is committed to your best riding experience. This begins with an obsession for making the most efficient and fastest carbon bikes in the world.

  • SPCARBON has an easy system for helping athletes like you, who want to get a new bike or take it to the next level in competition.

  • Our Promise to you: We’ll build you the right bike, give you honest advise, and provide you with the proper tools to achieve your goals.


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