Each SPCARBON bicycle is made with care and precision, to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality product possible. Once purchased, you are responsible for taking the steps necessary to ensure a long service life and keeping your bike well serviced allows for the maximum ongoing performance from your bicycle. This includes using the bicycle for its intended purpose only and having your bicycle serviced on a regular basis.

SPCARBON provides to the original purchaser a One Year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for frame and fork.  One Year warranty on SPCARBON or Blueprint carbon wheels.  Other components not made by SPCARBON have specific warranty time-frames from the individual manufacturers.  

Please note that this warranty does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect

  • Improper follow-up maintenance

  • Any structural modification to bicycle

  • Weather-related wear and tear (heavy rains, gravel, snow/road salt, beach use, etc.)

  • Extreme competition (closed course racing, criteriums, CRCA, etc.)

  • Visible abrasions or impacts

  • Paint damage, fading, or color changes

Wear and Tear items

Some items such as brake pads, gear cables, and tires can wear out quickly under certain circumstances. These items are not covered under your bicycle’s warranty. Proper care should be taken to ensure when these items reach the wear limit, that they are replaced in a timely fashion. Visiting your local SPCARBON dealer every few months for a brief safety check will help to avoid potential issues which could arise from not servicing your bicycle.  Wear and tear items not covered include the following:

  • Chain and cassette

  • Shift and brake cables

  • Brake pads

  • Tires and inner tubes

  • Bearings of any kind on the bike

Crash Replacement Policy

High-impact crashes can cause damage and possibly lead to structural failure of the bicycle. SPCARBON’s Crash Replacement Policy offers the original purchaser of a bicycle the opportunity to replace the damaged frame at a discounted rate (50% off the new frame). Removal of components and reassembly of new frame set are included at no additional charge.

Client is responsible for cost of new cables, housings, shop supplies, and additional upgrades, if any. If the current model is not available, a similar or newer version will be offered.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our frequently asked questions. In an effort to make buying a bike easier, we have tried to answer most of the questions we get from other new clients.

Where are SPCARBON bicycle frames made?

SPCARBON frames are hand-made in Taiwan & PRC, using the finest Japanese Toray T800 & T1000 carbon fiber, with final assembly in our Manhattan Showroom location.

How long will it take to create my bicycle?

Standard bikes are built in 3 days or less.  Custom projects can take 7-30 days depending on the level of detail, paint work and additional customization requested.

What components will come on my bicycle?

Most SPCARBON bicycles come assembled with Shimano or SRAM groupsets.  We can assemble with other quality brands if requested.

Are free tune-ups included?

For local clients, SPCARBON provides an initial adjustment/safety check two weeks after purchase.  Following this required first visit, basic maintenance/safety checks are provided free of charge for one year.

Can my SPCARBON Bicycle be serviced at a local bike shop? 

Yes, any quality bike shop can work on your SPCARBON bicycle.  Local bike shops can also request service information or replacement parts directly from SPCARBON.

Is there a warranty on my SPCARBON bicycle?

New SPCARBON bicycles come with a one year warranty and a special crash/damage replacement program for the original owner, as listed in the above Warranty section.

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