SPCARBON is a builder of exotic carbon fiber bicycles for road and triathlon.  Sleek lines, hidden cables and ultra smooth surfaces seamlessly exhibit minimalist design influence.  The intuitive feel and excellent handling associated with SPCARBON Bicycles comes from years of testing in real world cycling and racing conditions.    

It's a known fact that big companies making thousands of bicycles frequently suffer issues with quality control.  Too many bikes and too little time.   On the other hand, bespoke builders like SPCARBON are able to dedicate full resources and time into making each bike perfect in every way.

SPCARBON frames are made in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality.  Each part of the process, from cutting carbon & laying-up, to heat molding, to painting, and even final assembly is done by hand.  Everything is custom is some way.  We have rigorous testing and quality processes before any bike is delivered and it shows in the finished product.   

SPCARBON has been building high performance bicycles for nearly ten years.  Super light aerospace materials are used in the production of all SPCARBON bicycles.  There is a difference.   


The road to adventure starts here...

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"Truly fast and fun!"

We designed the Aspire to be fast, aerodynamic and a racing workhorse.  You want to ride with friends and have fun.   SPCARBON is here to help you get started.

I wanted something ultra fast for racing triathlon. What I got was a rocket ship! In my first race, I took 20 mins off my bike split. Thanks guys!
— Aaron R
SPCARBON suggested that I go with super light carbon wheels. I am riding easily for 3-4 hours at a time and so much stronger on climbs.
— Kenneth W.